Chris Bentzen

Entrepreneur, graphic designer, artist, consultant, and event producer. Projects include Hot Art Wet City Gallery, Hot One Inch Action, CARDED and more. Currently living in Nanaimo, BC.

Hot Art Wet City

Hot Art Wet City was an art gallery, comedy space, and weekly video blog (featuring interviews with creative Vancouverites). The gallery featured accessible and fun art shows often with pop-culture and pop-surrealist themes. The Vancouver-based art gallery was open from 2012–2017 and was voted the second best art gallery in the city by The Westender. HAWC continues to produce art and comedy shows in Vancouver at other venues around the city including comedy shows “Alicia Tobin’s Come Draw with Me” and “Graham Clark’s Quiz Show,” and art shows “Boobies & Wieners” and “Sticky — A Post-It Note Show”

Video Interviews

Over 120 weekly video interviews were made featuring Vancouver-based creatives to promote Hot One Inch Action and Hot Art Wet City, and to celebrate Vancouver creatives in general. A few were also made in collaboration with Winsor Gallery and The Rennie Collection. Shot and edited by Chris Bentzen, with interviews by Chris Bentzen, Jim Hoehnle, Hilary Henegar, and Alex Quicho. The videos are available on YouTube and Vimeo, along with videos from the Hot Art Wet City speaker series “Hot Talks” as well as promotional videos for Hot Art Wet City shows.

Hot One Inch Action

Hot One Inch Action was the original, one-night only show of button art and social interaction in Vancouver, BC. For 15 years, the work of fifty different mostly-local artists was reproduced on one inch buttons. The buttons were displayed on the gallery wall and also sold in randomly selected mixed bags of five buttons for $5. Want a specific button but it wasn’t in the bag? Trade with the people around you! That’s when the hot action starts. This show was produced with Jim Hoehnle. We also took the show to Seattle, Portland, Reno, Calgary and New York City.


CARDED was another a one-night only show of art, this one featuring trading cards. For ten years, the work of fifty artists was reproduced on trading cards and made available for art lovers to collect and trade. These 2.5″x3.5″ cards were displayed on the gallery wall and also sold as random mixed packs of five cards for $5. Get into some fast paced trading action with the people around you to get your faves. This show was also produced with Jim Hoehnle.

Media Coverage